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Warranty - Christmas Trees with Lights

Christmas Tree Warranty


Artificial Christmas trees are an investment.

Don't let one bulb ruin Christmas. Make certain you understand what happens if a bulb is cracked, broken or removed from the light strand!

Before you buy, ask the following:

  1. Reliability - Do the light strands have technology to allow the strand to stay on when a bulb is removed from the strand? 
  2. Warranty - If for some reason a strand goes out, how does the warranty work in years 1 through 5?

Ours versus the Competition:

Year  Ours Competition
1 Manufacturer replaces section at its expense. We manage process for you. Manufacture sends a strand of lights for you to put on the tree.
2 - 5 Customer ships section back to manufacturer and manufacturer pays to ship back to customer. Again, you contact us and we manage the communication with the manufacture for you.  The warranty on the lights probably ends at year 2 or year 3. 


Light Type Bulb Removed from Strand Bulb Burns Out Warranty
PerfectLit LED Strand stays on Strand stays on 5 year / 10,000 hours
Stay-lit Strand stays on Strand stays on 5 year / 5,000 hours
Dura-Lit Strand stays on Strand stays on 5 year / 3,000 hours
All other LED Strand goes out Other 49 bulbs should stay on 3 years / 5,000 hours
All other incandescent Strand goes out Other 49 bulbs should stay on 3 years / 3,000 hours


  1. All light warranties are on the strand not the bulb. If a bulb burns out, you must replace it quickly. The warranty does not cover burned out bulbs.
  2. "No Hassle" warranty applies to trees with PerfectLit LED, Stay-lit incandescent and Dura-Lit incandescent lights
  3. Technology in the strand (no bulb) that allows a bulb to be removed and the strand stays lit. Point being, there is nothing special about the bulb but rather the strand.