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Christmas Garland Buyer's Guide



My name is Bill Quinn with Christmas Tree For Me.

I'd like to share a little bit of knowledge with you about garland. On the table are three different garlands, they're all from the Oregon family of garland.

This is a 9 foot by 12 inch garland, this is a 9 by 14 inch garland, and this is a 9 by 16 inch garland. When we talk about the length, nine foot, that's basically from end to end. When we talk about the width, what we're talking about is actually taking a tip on each side of the garland and measuring from left to right when it's pulled tight, and so this would be 12 inch. When I let go, it kind of springs back in a little bit.

This is going to be 14, again, measuring from left to right, when it's held tight. When I let go, it's going to spring in a little.

And then, lastly, this is the 9 foot by 16 inch. Hold it tight, measure through the middle, that's gonna be 16 inches.

When we talk about length, we have the nine foot. In this family it's also offered in the 25 foot length, in the 50 foot length. We have other families that we offer up to 100 feet in length.

As I said, this is a 12, 14, 16. Some garland might be offered all the way as narrow as 8 inches, some go up to even 24 inches.

When we're talking about length, how much garland should I buy? Typically, you're going to, if you have a span of linear feet of maybe 25 feet, you're going to want to double that. Because the garland, typically when you hang a garland, you're going to do some type of a swag in the garland. Now if you are going to have the swag a little bit less, maybe you could get away with one and a half times, but probably no less than that. If you're going to be wrapping a column, something like a 10 foot column, 15 foot column, again it's rough rule of thumb is going to be about two times. So if it's a 15 foot column, probably need about 30 feet of garland.

On the width, this 12 inch, or this 14 inch, is probably going to be just about right for the average mantle, or the average staircase, something like that, that you're going to be doing indoors. These, the 14, the 16, maybe if you have a really over-sized mantle, or a big, big staircase, this might be something better to use. If you're going along the outside of your house, outlining a fence, the roof, things of that nature, you probably want to go with something bigger, because it's typically people are going to be further away, and so you really want this to stand out.

When we talk about fluffing the garland, if you're trying to fluff the garland and if you really pull it out to it's maximum width, then the density of the garland is going to be a little bit less. If you want to fluff a little bit more when it's along the line, the spine of the garland, that's going to make the garland less wide, but it's going to create a more dense look.

Now, when we talk about connecting garland together, pretty much all the garland that we offer is going to have some type of a wire that comes out the end, it may have a hook on the end. But typically what you're going to do is you would bend it around a nail, or use it to connect two 9 foot garlands to get to 18 feet. And also, we've got the connector on the end, so you can connect the lights from the other garland to this garland. The number of garland you can string together with the lights is really going to be dictated on the type of light that you have on the garland. These are all LED garland, so you're going to be able to connect many more strands together. Whereas if these were incandescent, you might only be able to connect two, maybe three incandescent garland together, where it's a lot on the LED garland.

So with that, I've shared a little bit of knowledge about garland, I hope you can now make an educated decision on which garland is best for you. Have a very Merry Christmas.