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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

Mistake #1: "If One Burns Out, do the Rest Stay Lit?" -- Wrong Question

The question to ask / understand is "If a bulb is removed from the strand do the remaining bulbs stay on?" Most buyers will ask "If one bulb burns out, do the remaining stay on?" - nearly ALL strands sold this year will do this but if a bulb is removed, cracked or broken then 50 bulbs will go out. Make certain your strands will stay lit when a bulb is removed!
Watch Demonstration Video

Mistake #2: Not Understanding Light Strand Warranties

Ask "If I buy this tree and a strand goes out in year 5 / season 5, how does the warranty work?" The answer should be "Customer pays to ship section with the lights out to the manufacturer, the manufacturer does a repair/replace and pays to ship back to you." Unfortunately, most manufacturers simply ship a light strand for the customer to install. <br>Note: The warranty is on the strand not the bulbs. No warranty covers burned out bulbs. Replace your bulbs as soon as they burn out or the strand could be damaged.

Mistake #3: Skimping on the lights

It is amazing how many people say “I want to save money and put my own lights on the tree.” The cost of stringing your own lights every year is significant. Why not consider buying a pre lit tree with high quality PerfectLit LED, Stay-lit incandescent or Dura-Lit incandescent strands. With these strands a bulb can be removed from the strand and the remaining bulbs stay on. Lights should be warranted for at least 5 years or 5,000 hours.

Mistake #4: Buying The Wrong Size Tree

People with high ceilings usually want the tallest tree possible so they get an ultra slim tree. Really tall, very skinny trees are poor choices for the main tree where presents are placed.
TIP: use masking tape to mark the wall and the floor where the tree will be placed. This will help visualize how much space the tree will consume.

Mistake #5: Buying a live tree that’s really “dead tree walking”

If you live in an urban area, the neighborhood tree lot is geographically convenient, but keep in mind trees there can be several weeks old. So look for trees with branches that are soft to the touch and not dry and brittle. Always shake out the tree and see how many needles drop off. And make sure you cut off the bottom and keep the tree properly hydrated.

Mistake #6: Following the Jones’

Buy a Christmas tree that is as unique to your home as the sofa is to the family room. There are so many different choices, why stick with the plain green traditional tree? Pinecones, grapevine, flock, multi-color lights, frost, etc are all attractive styles that make your tree uniquely yours.

Mistake #6: Being A Prisoner To The Past

It’s one thing to have a soft spot in your heart for tradition and wax ever so nostalgically. It’s quite another to be stuck in a time warp when it comes to artificial Christmas trees. It’s amazing how some people still think an artificial tree has needles that resemble the bristles of a toilet brush. There have been numerous advances in artificial tree design, texture, appearance and upkeep. Check this close-up photo and see for yourself

Mistake #7: Not Calculating your CTPQ (Christmas Tree Payback Quotient)

For 2014, a major retailer is selling a 6-7’ live Christmas tree for $199.00. To add 600 quality lights to that tree would cost around $180. And while some holiday moments are priceless, others can save you a tidy sum. In fact, a pre lit artificial Christmas tree will pay for itself in 2 seasons. Something to think about since that will give you more to spend on gifts for your loved ones.

Mistake #8: Waiting for a Christmas tree sale

Live Christmas trees rarely ever go on sale—unless it’s really last minute or it’s a tree on its last legs. With artificial trees, when you find the tree that you want, buy it right then. Chances are that if you like it so will everyone else. The best trees do not go on sale; the best trees are sold out before Thanksgiving.

Mistake #9: Are you “clickaphobic” when buying your tree?

Are you reluctant to buy online compared to seeing a tree in person? Think about this for a moment…why would you buy a Christmas tree from a local store that has only 5 models of trees and 3 heights in each tree? With artificial trees, the best selection, quality and newest innovations are almost always found online first. What’s more, you can check out each and compare them all in the comfort of your own home.

Mistake #10: Post-holiday storage: the tree’s In the bag – or is it?

Buy a high quality tree bag that will properly store you valued Christmas tree in such a way to preserve the beauty year after year. A quality tree bag is not a glorified garbage bag with handles. An inexpensive, Christmas tree bag usually costs between $14.99 and $39.99. A quality, well designed Christmas tree bag will run $59-189. You should store your tree in a place where the temperature ranges between 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep humidity – As low as possible. And no animals – Birds, mice and rats love to live in artificial Christmas trees.