Safety of Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas Light Safety

UL Listed Christmas Lights

Make sure the lights which are installed on Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Trees are UL Listed. Each string of Christmas lights on a prelit tree should have the "UL Listed" tag.

Non-twist light sockets

Ensure the bulbs on the Christmas light strings have an anti-twist mechanism in the bulb and socket. This provides safety and reliability. Most inexpensive Christmas lights are easily twisted in the socket which causes the light and string to go out.

This is particularly important in homes with small children.

Christmas Tree Construction Safety

Single Pole versus Frame Trees

The majority of residential Christmas trees are "Single Pole" construction which means there is one pole in the center of the tree where all branches attach. This method of construction can be used up to 12-14 feet.

Above 12-14 feet, "Frame Tree" construction is the preferred method. Frame Tree construction means there is a steel frame that looks like a cone shaped, jungle gym with branches attached to the frame. Frame Tree construction trees are a must for commercial Christmas trees installations. The high quality frame trees are designed so the frame can be secured to the ground or to a building.

Steel versus Plastic Christmas Tree Stands

Many manufacturers use plastic for the base of their trees. Plastic bases should be avoided as the base of the tree must be able to withstand the weight of the tree. Plastic tree stands can flex or break.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of a Christmas tree is critical. The weight of the branches should be distributed over the center pole or frame of the tree. Weight distribution is critical for homes with small children and for Outdoor Christmas Trees.

Flame-Retardant Materials

The materials used to manufacture the Christmas tree should be flame retardant to ensure the tree does not become a fire accelerator.